Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You only have to pay Doyujin when you sell.

8% commission fee and PayPal transaction fee.

Calculate commission fee here:

Calculate commission fee

Once your content is sold, you will receive the amount (selling price minus payment fees) on your PayPal account.


You need to have your personal info completed. You can do this by clicking on payment settings and update the details. You need a free PayPal account.

1.Log in to the system with appropriate informations.

2.From your panel’s navigation, go to Products ? Digital Products.

3.In the Top Right corner above the product list table, a button named ‘Create Product’ is placed to create product. Click on the button to specify the information of the product.

4.To specify the information of the product, we have created 3 sections so that Vendor can represent the product especially. The 3 sections are - Product Details, Business Details & Requirements.

5.In the Product Details section, all the informations are given about the product (i.e product title, description, images etc). In this section, we have shown some basic informations for the product. If you need, you can Add Video for your product. The product file must be compressed to *.zip or *.rar file and the product file size shouldn’t be more than the maximum size given. If you need more informations to specify the product, you can do it easily by clicking the ‘Add More Fields’ button.

6.The Business Details section deals with the product sale price, purchase price, discounts and tax. There is no shipping cost because customer can download the product after purchase.

7.The Requirement section is used to show the minimum requirements for the product to install. You can add the requirement by clicking the ‘Add Product Requirements’ button.

8.After completing the following steps, you can upload your product by clicking the ‘Upload’ button.

9.After uploading the product, you can see the uploaded products in the Product List Table (Products ? Digital Products ? All Digitals) where you can View, Edit, Delete, Discount your product.

digital arts, game assets, photos, Code, video clips, web templates, e-books, fonts and app templates.

If you get an error stating that your password is not set, you will need to reset your password.

Please send a message to:

Doyujin Support Squad will try to help you.